Tears of a Bills Fan- Mid-season Update

Story by Kyle Graham

Your favorite Buffalo Bills writer is back and so are his tears. Why am I crying, you may ask? Well if your favorite team lost to the New York Jets in an ugly fashion, you too would be in my position.

Yes, the Bills are still currently holding a wild card spot. Yes, the Bills are still exceeding expectations by having a (5-3) record. However, after seeing them get spanked in a prime-time game against a team that they should have beaten brings backs very painful memories. In all twenty years of my existence I’ve seen the same thing year after year. They looked like a typical Bills team last Thursday night, which is a team that seems to give hope to every single one of their fans and then crush their hopes and dreams by failing to make the playoffs, yet again.

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Maybe, just maybe, this is a different team. McDermott is a first-year coach who has a lot of issues with clock management, but that could be just caused by a lack of in-game experience as a head coach which makes me hopeful that he can learn from his mistakes. He’s also seemed to make everyone around him buy into his culture and his philosophies, which is something we have never seen as Bills fans.

Also, the Bills general manager Brandon Beane also made a blockbuster trade at the deadline last Tuesday. The team acquired wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, whom they are very familiar with from the Carolina Panthers. The Bills also shipped Marcel Dareus, and a lot of his cap space to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a sixth-round pick. These two trades will be massive in the future as Tyrod Taylor finally has a solid no.1 receiver to throw to for the first time since Sammy Watkins was on the roster. Also, the cap space that was freed up by trading Dareus will come in handy for the following years when some of our free agents hit the market.

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Now, let me emphasize “future” because I do believe this team will be great in the upcoming years- but not this year. Their loss to the Jets confirmed another (8-8) season and that will make it eighteen-straight years of missing the playoffs. But make no mistake, the Bills are on the rise. Stay tuned for the next seasonal update and go Bills!

Featured image courtesy of USA Today Draftwire

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