Big Ben’s Bad Break

Story by Niza Colon

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost against the Jacksonville Jaguars, finishing with a score of 29-9 it was the biggest upset of the Sunday’s set of games. The only thing more shocking than this loss was probably the Giants losing almost all its offensive line from on field injuries. The Steelers win was a 60 percent prediction over the Jags, but shockingly enough the Jags defensive line came to conquer the Men of Steel.

Ben Roethlisberger has led the Steelers to a good start on the 2017 season with a 3-1 record smashing the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday with a 17-point win. Big Ben took a huge step down from his performance in previous seasons, with five interceptions, and two pick-sixes in one game alone— resulting in two touchdowns that gave the Jaguars an irreversible lead over Pittsburgh.

Roethlisberger has been off of his game lately and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. He struggled to connect with running back Antonio Brown with a series of incomplete passes. This may have been the ugliest game of Roethlisberger’s career with zero touchdown passes and only nine points due to field goals. Big Ben was basically playing for Todd Wash completing more returned touchdown passes to his defensive left back Telvin Smith and safety Barry Church than his own team.

Embed from Getty Images

Notably, the Jaguars are looking to have the best season in the last seven years. Running back Leonard Fournette is definitely a player to watch this season, he had 181-yards and two touchdowns—paired with their strong defense who basically carried the win for the Jaguars yesterday. They barely let Pittsburgh’s running back Antonio Brown or Le’veon Bell push through any valuable yards. Their defense came locked and loaded for a fight against the Steelers offense as Ramsey was pressed against Brown while Shazier and Williams just couldn’t stop Fournette’s athletic swiftness.

For the Steeler’s fans sake, Roethlisberger just needs a few nights rest and to work hard in practice as the schedule doesn’t get any easier.


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