Tears of a Bills Fan- Quarter Update

Story by Kyle Graham

If you were to tell me that the Bills would be in first place in the AFC East going into their bye week, I would have assumed you delusional. After their anemic loss to the Panthers in week two, which I unfortunately witnessed in person, I was one hundred percent convinced that the Bills were in full blown tanking mode. But then, somehow and someway the Bills managed to beat two of their toughest teams, Denver and Atlanta, on their schedule on back-to-back weeks.

Now as a veteran of the Bills Mafia, I cannot simply be fooled by their shenanigans. I’ve been in this situation too many times before where the Bills will get off to a hot start in the season and then end up choking their way back to mediocrity. So, because I am naturally a pessimist at heart when it comes to the Bills, I expected the team to lose this past week to the Bengals because they usually lose the games they should win. And to my astounding credit, I was right.

I’m so awesome, I know.

But here’s something that I was not right about in the preview to the season. The Bills have an elite defense again. After five games into the season, their defense is holding their opponents to 14.8 points per game, which is currently the best in the league. Not to mention they have a plus eight turnover differential and have only surrendered six total touchdowns on the year. Sadly, the offense has been on the other spectrum ranking sixteenth in rushing and thirtieth in passing, which is very disappointing since we led the league in rushing the past two seasons.

A lot of Bills fans are pointing their fingers at Tyrod Taylor after our two losses, which is ridiculous because he doesn’t have many great options to throw to with Jordan Matthews and Charles Clay going down with injuries.

Embed from Getty Images

Now, do I think he is our franchise QB?


I’m going to need to see a lot of what he did against Denver and Atlanta before I make that decision. But for now, get off his back because him and Shady are literally dragging the whole offense on their own backs right now and don’t need any more of your baggage.

Embed from Getty Images

In conclusion, the (3-2) start to the season has not convinced me that we will end our seventeen-year playoff drought this season. We just lack depth on both sides of the ball and they won’t be able to recover from all the injuries that seem to plague them every year. However, I am very excited for the future under Sean McDermott. The culture change to the organization is evident and the way the defense is performing is a prime indicator of that. With all our draft picks that we have for next year, look for them to fill all those holes in our depth chart and hopefully by then, Brady and the Patriots’ reign of being supreme will come to an end and Buffalo will be at the top where they belong.

My earlier prediction of (5-11) is now at a solidly mediocre (and very familiar) record of (7-9), but stay tuned to see if that changes after Tears of a Bills Fan returns for a mid-season update after week nine!

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Featured image for this post courtesy of USA Today Draftwire


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