Tears of a Bills Fan- Volume Four

Story by Kyle Graham

The 2017 regular season is almost here and you know what that means. It’s time for your favorite depressed Bills fan to enter your life again. During the last edition of TOBF, I was actually kind of hopeful that the new regime in Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane would make this season an exciting one. Boy was I wrong for having that type of hope.

As of right now, the Bills have made a multitude of moves that signify that the team is looking towards the future instead of the present. The first shocking move came a day after their first preseason game where they traded its number one wide receiver Sammy Watkins and a 2018 sixth round pick to the Rams for E.J. Gaines and a 2018 second round pick and their number one corner back Ronald Darby to the Eagles for Jordan Matthews and a 2018 third rounder. As it probably was for every Bills fan, these two trades hit me the hardest emotionally because they were two of the best players on the roster.  When Sammy was healthy, man was he fun to watch.

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Of course, we were probably not going to re-sign him because of his history of injuries so instead we went out a traded for Jordan Matthews who cracked his sternum on his very first practice with the Bills. I seriously wish I was making this stuff up, folks.

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We then went on to trade last year’s second round pick Reggie Ragland to the Chiefs for a 2019 fourth round pick, we traded corner back Kevin Seymour for another pointless return man and a 2019 seventh round pick, and after the 53-man roster was legitimately set the team released second string running back Jonathan Williams, wide receiver Philly Brown, and outside line backer Gerald Hodges and went on to claim three no-name players. And let’s not forget that we traded Cardale Jones too before all this madness ensued.

What is evident from all these transactions is that everyone from the Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley era was and still is expendable. Beane and McDermott both want to start out with a clean slate and maybe that is a good thing. Yes, that means we will suffer for a couple more years -17 years of not making the postseason, but who’s counting.

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However, we have been stuck in a mediocre state for way too long and a massive overhaul was due to come and we will eventually have a chance to be really good in the future if all the chips fall in the right place. Plus, we really had no chance of winning the division with Brady under center in New England, so maybe Beane and McDermott are geniuses after all. Wait, why am I being positive?

Now, back to being depressive. Hearing trade rumors about Marcel Dareus and LeSean McCoy last week is continuing to make me really edgy and I am not for it. If the Bills trade McCoy, there is absolutely no reason to watch a game this year and I would have to return my brand-new McCoy jersey back to the shop. It’s honestly my fault for getting a jersey with a current Bills player because as we all know they don’t seem to last very long on the team nowadays.

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My prediction for this year was originally for us to go 8-8, which is what we always seem to do year in and year out. But after all the madness, I am going with a solid 5-11 record because we do play the Jets twice this year so that should be two easy wins. After every four games, I will provide an update and maybe, just maybe, I will be a little less depressed about my Bills (very doubtful, though).

Featured image courtesy of Sportslogos.net


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