Tears of a Bills Fan: Draft Edition

Story by: Kyle Graham

With the NFL draft quickly approaching us, my mind is fixated on all the possible scenarios of how the Buffalo Bills will screw up the draft, yet again.

Is this a healthy way for a fan to think? Absolutely not.

If you’re a Bills fan though, you’re pretty much living an unhealthy lifestyle during the NFL season. In fact, I’ll probably have a full head of grey hair by the time I turn 25, and will be completely bald by 27.

That’s the price you have to pay as a fan of a team with one of the worst front offices in all of sports.

Before I start with all these scenarios, let me point out that I all scenarios were made under the assumption that Jamal Adams, the safety out of LSU, Malik Hooker the safety from Ohio State, and Marshon Lattimore, the corner also out of Ohio State, will be taken before the Bills first round draft pick (10th overall pick).

If any of these players are available, the Bills will have no other choice but to draft one of them to fulfil their need in the secondary. Now, let’s see how they can screw things up!

Scenario A: Bills Draft a QB in the First Round

If you read my first edition of Tears of a Bills fan, you would know that I am a big proponent for Tyrod Taylor being the Bills’ starting QB. The Bills recently restructured his contract which indicates that he will be the starting QB going into Training Camp.

However, there have been a lot of rumors and various meeting and workouts with the top QB prospects of the draft that has me very concerned that they will take one in the first round.

No offense to Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, or Patrick Mahomes, but they are not worth the Bills’ tenth overall pick. They already have Tryod and Cardale Jones so the QB position should not be their top priority. I mean shouldn’t a team use their first pick of the draft to address their most important need on their roster?

You think they would learn from their mistake of drafting EJ Manuel in the first round in 2013… but here we are again. My only assumption for drafting a QB in the first round is that they plan on releasing Tryod after this season and have a QB battle between whoever they draft and Cardale Jones.

How is Tryod expected to improve when he has no support at all within the organization?

Embed from Getty Images


Scenario B: Bills Draft Cam Robinson (OT)

Although the Bills do have a need to draft an offensive tackle, the need is more for a backup at the position. So, it would not be much of a surprise to see the Bills make a boneheaded decision and draft an offensive lineman who is not as talented as others who will be available to the Bills in this year’s draft.

Embed from Getty Images

Scenario C: Bills Draft a TE Before a WR

One of the very few bright spots for the Bills at the end of last year was the play of their tight end, Charles Clay. In the last 4 games of the season he had 229 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. Although, he hasn’t produced as much as he is getting paid, he also hasn’t received enough targets to live up to his contract.

What should be done is the Bills should draft either Mike Williams or Corey Davis to go along with their #1 WR, Sammy Watkins. Watkins has only one year left on his contract and has struggled with injuries for the entirety of his career.

It would make the most sense to draft a wide receiver here especially since the Bills’ offense is a pound-and-ground run oriented machine that would benefit if the passing game was opened up. Not to mention that the loss of backup Mike Gillislee, who will not be back on the team after the Bills decide to make another incompetent decision and not match the Patriots offer, gave the team another reason to be desperate to have another playmaker on the offensive side of the ball.

It’s easier to criticize your team’s actions from the outside looking in, but in this case, it just seems like the Bills create more problems than they do fixing them.

My perfect scenario would be the Bills drafting safety Jamal Adams out of LSU in the first round, Quincy Wilson, the cornerback out of Florida in the second round, and wide receiver Dede Westbrook out of Oklahoma in the third round.

Of course, that will not happen but a man can dream, right? Maybe the Bills will surprise me next Thursday and actually draft well. Then again, there’s a reason why this is the second edition of Tears of a Bills Fan and there will most likely be more to come. Stay tuned.


Featured image for this post courtesy of USA Today Draftwire

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