Watson is 2017’s Best QB

Story by: Anthony Abruzzo 

When Deshaun Watson set his feet on Clemson University’s campus, he had a mission in mind, and that was to put the university and its football program back on the map and make a name for himself, and he did just that.

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In the two and a half years that he started for the Tigers, he had an incredible record of 32-3 and that’s playing in one of the best conferences in NCAA in the ACC where there are teams like FSU, Miami, Louisville, Pitt, and Virginia Tech just to name a few.

Watson was also responsible for getting Clemson to two straight College Football Playoffs where they dominated the Oklahoma Sooners in 2016, and Ohio State in 2017, to get to back to back National Title games against that stout Alabama defense.

When Watson played against Bama in both games, the dude was on another level. In the two games that he played against them, Watson went 66-104 (63.5%), 825 yards, seven touchdowns and only one interception through the air on an Alabama defense that has terrorized college football, putting together two of the most impressive defensive seasons of all time in back-to-back seasons.

Watson even had one of the best clutch drives of all time by bringing his team down the field, throwing the game winning touchdown leading Clemson to the national title for the first time since 1981.

Watson will go down as the best player in Clemson history and it is well deserved. Now it’s time for him to go to the pros and make his way to the NFL.

Now, you would think with all the things that Watson has done and was mentioned above that he would be the best quarterback available in this year’s draft, right? Well not according to most “draft experts”, like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. who think he may be third at best.

I’m here to tell you that they are dead wrong and frankly doesn’t know what they are talking about when it comes to Watson. It is blasphemous that they are not ranking Watson the number one QB option.

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They have guys like Mitch or Mitchell Trubisky or whatever the hell he wants to be called ahead of Watson. Trubisky only started one year for UNC and they had a 9-4 record, and has never played at the caliber we have seen Watson play at.

They even had DeShone Kizer ahead of Watson. Kizer is alright, he isn’t a scrub but he isn’t better than Watson. He didn’t win enough at Notre Dame especially not if you compare it to what Watson did at Clemson.

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So, what I’m trying to tell you is, don’t listen to those idiots, listen to me and let me tell you that it is Watson that is going to be an all-pro player in the NFL not those other guys.

Let’s now talk about where Watson should go. Watson will have plenty of suitors but there is one team that to me is destined to get Watson and that team is the New York Jets.

The Jets are in prime position to get Watson with the sixth pick in this year’s draft and are desperate to finally get their franchise quarterback of the future. The Jets haven’t had that answer for almost two decades and if the Jets are smart and don’t get in their own way, they will take Watson.

Watson would take this team to new heights and will get the fan base excited to be Jets fans again. He would be great for the NY market and has the potential to be the best athlete that NY has to offer. Watson would also look good in a Jets uniform as well.

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But no matter where Watson ends up, he will become a pro bowl level quarterback and will be a gamechanger in the National Football League.


Featured image for this post courtesy of the CBS Sports

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