Week in Review

Stories by: Hitting the Field Staff

Monday March 6th

  • Over-stinking: Reports are surfacing that the Browns are considering players not named Myles Garrett with the number one pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Dimitri Tzamaras tells them, don’t overthink it.

Wednesday March 8th

  • Dirk: An International Treasure: Dirk Nowitzki has just joined the most exclusive of sports-clubs. The NBA 30,000-point club. Dimitri Tzamaras reflects on his historically fun career.

Thursday March 9th

  • The Lion’s Den: Orlando City kicked off their new season in their permanent new home with a win against NYCFC. Nathaniel Rivas lets you know about all the awesome new features at Orlando Stadium

Friday March 10th

  • The Wentz Wagon: Dak Prescott finished the season as AP Offensive Rookie of the Year in the NFL. Despite being drafted number 2 overall, Anthony Abruzzo feels like Carson Wentz is being out-shined by a player who is less talented than he is, despite Dak being in a better situation.
  • Fear the Klaw: Kawhi Leonard has emerged as one of the most dominant two-way players in recent NBA history. Christopher Davis tells you why the Klaw is better than your favorite player.
  • Don’t @ Me Friday: First Edition: All the hottest takes from the Hitting the Field staff compiled into one, scorching hot place. Do not @ us though, kind sir.
  • The MIAMI (t)H(re)EAT: Jeremy Taché’s Miami Heat have been one of the most interesting stories in the NBA this season. However, Jeremy believes this isn’t just a fairy tale, and that the Heat can make legitimate noise in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Sunday March 12th

  • The Great Comeback: Ben Sanders tries to explain the explainable: Wednesday’s legendary comeback for Barcelona in the second leg of the UEFA Champion’s League against Paris Saint-Germain.
  • More than a Game: The Dominican Republic and it’s people love baseball. Jeremy Taché talks about his experience with Dominican ball-players and what he felt Saturday night when the Dominican national team pulled a major comeback against the United States in the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

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