Don’t @ Me Friday: 1st Edition

Story by: Hitting the Field Staff

The hottest takes of the week from some of your favorite Hitting the Field writers, talent, and staff.

Dimitri Tzamaras (@MeechDT):

The Washington professional football team is actually the most poorly ran franchise in the NFL, not the Cleveland Browns. They just lost two 1,000-yard receivers in free agency (the first team in NFL history to ever accomplish this amazing feat of ineptitude), had their franchise QB meeting with ownership to request a trade after being franchise tagged for the second consecutive season, and they just parted ways with the best talent evaluator in the sport, while airing his dirty laundry. Dan Snyder has been poisoning the waters in the nation’s capital since purchasing the team in 1999. He is the worst owner in sports, and his dumpster fire of an organization reflects that.

Christopher Davis (@ChristopherDTV)

Jimmy Calhoun (@jimmycalhounUCF)

Isaiah Thomas is the best point guard in the Eastern Conference. As the NBA’s second leading scorer at 29.6 points per game, Thomas has led the Celtics to a 39-22 record and the number two seed in the East without another all-star on the roster. Thomas has a 27.05 player efficiency rating, which ranks number one among players in the eastern conference.

Thomas is averaging more points and assists per game than Kyrie Irving. Irving plays with LeBron James and Kevin Love; two players who give Irving a ton of space on the floor yet doesn’t score at the rate Thomas does. Thomas is a better scorer than John Wall not to mention that Thomas is also a much better shooter than Wall. Thomas has a true shooting percentage of 62.2% while Wall is at 53.5% despite Thomas attempting more shots behind the arc. Thomas has also led the Celtics to a better record than Wall and the Wizards.

Stop looking at him as 5’9 60th pick in the draft and respect Thomas as a legitimate top three most valuable player of the league candidate. If you disagree with anything I said, just watch him in the fourth quarter of any Celtics game. It’s Isaiah time.

Kyle Graham (@Kyle_Graham5)

Jeremy Taché (@jeremytache)

This one is pretty simple. LeBron James is ALWAYS the Most Valuable Player in the league. Period. This year, Kawhi Leanord has proven that is the next most valuable player. He’s the only other player that, if you put him on any team in the league, the team is instantly a title contender. So, they’re 1 and 2, and after them we’re looking at the most outstanding player or the best year, and that crown would go to Russell Westbrook over Harden without a doubt. Plus, without Westbrook, the Thunder would basically be the Magic.

Ben Sanders (@Ben_Sanders007)

Carl-Max Millionard (@cmillionard3)

Jean Racine (@jeangracine)



Mark Tavilla (@ya_boy_mahk)

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