Week in Review

Stories by: Hitting the Field Staff

Monday February 27th

  • The Sacramento Stings: Anthony Abruzzo discusses the Sacramento Kings and their dismal management in reaction to DeMarcus Cousins being traded.
  • Tears of a Bills Fan: Kyle Graham, a lifelong Bills fan, wallows in agony at the thought of losing Tyrod Taylor, and potentially extending the 17-year playoff drought for his beloved football franchise.
  • UEFA Champions Leg 1: The first leg of the UEFA Championship has drawn to a close, so Nathaniel Rivas breaks down all the important action, and gives us some takeaways from the matches we just saw.

Tuesday February 28th

  • From AP to AARP: Chris Davis dives in on Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles being reportedly on the free agent market. But, per their age and injury history, who’s to say they’ll be anything close to their former all-pro selves?

Wednesday March 1st

  • The Running Back Rebirth: With the evolution of the running back position occurring in front of our eyes, Dimitri Tzamaras talks about some of the strong late-round options at the position in this year’s draft.

Thursday March 2nd

  • A Monster Year for NASCAR: Monster and NASCAR have teamed up to help NASCAR appeal to younger people. Ben Sanders breaks down some key aspects that will target the millennial audience.
  • 2017 MLS Preview: The 2017 MLS season begins this weekend. Nathaniel Rivas lets us know the teams and story lines to follow as the season kicks off!
  • You Can’t Handle the Truth: Jimmy Calhoun tells Draymond Green that he needs to take a step back and realize that he, in fact, cannot handle the Truth.

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