Story by: Dimitri Tzamaras

The Cleveland Browns have, over the past decade or so, found themselves as the laughing stock of the National Football League. Due to their ineptitude, fans of other crappy teams have been able to fondly reflect on their own team’s performance with the classic jab, “Well, at least we aren’t the Browns”. As a fan of one of these teams, I annually look for the ways in which the Browns will keep themselves in the cellar.

This year, the Browns have a head coach many people believe can turn them around, anchored by a front office whose statistical analysis and budgeting has left the team with a historical amount of cap space and draft capital.

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Everything in the cards suggests that the Browns fortunes are on the verge of changing… that is, until I read the MMQB report by Albert Breer this morning about the Browns considerations for the number one overall pick.

Here is a segment about the pick from Breer’s piece I found interesting:

“Work on the first pick ‘is gonna be extremely detailed,’ Cleveland coach Hue Jackson said over his cellphone Saturday, between workouts and interviews. ‘We’re slowly starting into the process. You work through the Senior Bowl, you work through the combine, next thing that will come up will be private workouts, pro days, your top 30 visits. Then you have to take all that information and start into making decisions. ‘We’re just starting into it; there’ll be so much more.’”

This is the most Browns statement of all time. There should be no discussion as to who the Browns should pick with the first overall selection in this year’s draft; Myles Garrett is the consensus can’t-miss prospect in this class.

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If analyst consensus doesn’t interest you, how about some numbers: in just 34 games at Texas A&M, Garrett amassed 47 tackles for loss, 31 sacks, and 7 forced fumbles in three seasons. His combine numbers are also border-line mythologic. At 6’5” and 270 pounds, Garrett was able to bench 225 pounds 33 times, run a 4.64 40-yard dash, while also recording a ridiculous 41-inch vertical leap and 128-inch broad jump.

It is rare to see someone as big as Myles Garrett be so big and also be blessed with such absurd athleticism. It is even more rare to see a guy like that who also has the production on the field to show that his physical abilities can and have equated to success in between the lines.

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I understand the coach/GM-speak of insisting that anyone is in play for the number one overall selection, but Cleveland should not overthink this at all. In fact in my mind, they should already have the card with Garrett’s name written out to hand to the commissioner on draft night.

I also get needing a quarterback, and acting irrationally in order to pull the trigger on someone you believe you can mold into your franchise passer. The Browns have another pick in the first round though, at 12th overall, and also a couple of early selections in round two to address their QB needs if they feel so inclined to do so during this year’s draft.

As someone who has no rooting interest in the Browns, even I have to say: Don’t overthink it Cleveland, get yourself a man with an extensive knowledge of defenses and dinosaurs:

Pick Myles Garrett.

Featured image for this post courtesy of Browns Football Talk

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