Big Ben’s Bad Break

Story by Niza Colon The Pittsburgh Steelers lost against the Jacksonville Jaguars, finishing with a score of 29-9 it was the biggest upset of the Sunday’s set of games. The only thing more shocking than this loss was probably the Giants losing almost all its offensive line from on field injuries. The Steelers win was a 60 percent prediction over the Jags, but shockingly enough … Continue reading Big Ben’s Bad Break

Tears of a Bills Fan- Quarter Update

Story by Kyle Graham If you were to tell me that the Bills would be in first place in the AFC East going into their bye week, I would have assumed you delusional. After their anemic loss to the Panthers in week two, which I unfortunately witnessed in person, I was one hundred percent convinced that the Bills were in full blown tanking mode. But … Continue reading Tears of a Bills Fan- Quarter Update

Don’t @ Me Friday 10/6

Story by Ben Sanders. Brought back by popular demand-Jimmy Calhoun and I nagging- Hitting the Field is happy to revive its Don’t @ Me Friday social media hot takes and banter. No topic within the sports media, entertainment and culture space is off limits and the staff is more than ready to voice their opinions. Some takes are hot: Dimitri Tzamaras <blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” … Continue reading Don’t @ Me Friday 10/6

UCF Ig-Knighting 2013 Form

Story by Evan Abramson If you were on social media at all on Saturday night, the most surprising thing you would have probably noticed was seeing 31-year-old Detroit Tigers utility player Andrew Romine playing all nine positions in a baseball game against the Minnesota Twins. But the second most surprising thing you probably saw was UCF caging and handling the Memphis Tigers. It was a … Continue reading UCF Ig-Knighting 2013 Form

NASCAR News and Notes

Story by Ben Sanders NASCAR has completed its summer stretch and news has been in abundance in recent weeks for all divisions. Let’s recap all the major story lines and address the speculation before the Playoffs begin for each division. NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series: Silly season is in full-force with a high-speed game of musical chairs taking place as the price of the sport … Continue reading NASCAR News and Notes

Tears of a Bills Fan- Volume Four

Story by Kyle Graham The 2017 regular season is almost here and you know what that means. It’s time for your favorite depressed Bills fan to enter your life again. During the last edition of TOBF, I was actually kind of hopeful that the new regime in Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane would make this season an exciting one. Boy was I wrong for having … Continue reading Tears of a Bills Fan- Volume Four